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Traditional vs Eco-friendly Cleaning

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Did you know that there are vast differences between the traditional/conventional cleaning process and the eco-friendly cleaning process? traditional dry cleaning is neither clean nor dry. Traditional cleaners "dry-clean" clothes by soaking them in harsh and dangerous chemicals such as PERC.

What is Eco-friendly Laundry and Dry cleaning?

Eco-friendly cleaning is a green alternative to traditional dry cleaning. It involves the use of no harsh chemicals that can danger staff, customers or the environment. Green cleaning is also gentle on fabrics and involves less mechanical action.

Our Eco-Friendly Cleaning processes

Here at The Laundry press, our eco-friendly cleaning processes are approved by experts. We use a Lagoon advanced care process. Lagoon advanced care equipment offers a green alternative to traditional cleaning. We do not use any harsh chemical in our cleaning process, we are toxin-free. Our eco-friendly cleaning equipment is designed for low consumption of water, energy, detergents and emissions.

We use a wet cleaning process which eliminates the need for harsh chemicals. Our green cleaning processes are not only sustainable, but are also delicate on clothes particularly fine wool/ dry-clean only items.

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