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Eco-friendly dry cleaning
Eco cleaning


The eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to traditional dry cleaning.

Our alternative to traditional cleaning is known as Wet cleaning.

Wet cleaning is paving the way for the future of dry cleaning in Dublin. 

This modern cleaning method eliminates toxicity in the air and also on clothes!

Our unique cleaning systems are endorsed and approved by experts at Woolmark and the Hohenstein Institute. 

If you're looking for a cleaner that's healthier, safer, and more natural then look no further. This is the best alternative to traditional dry cleaning with its use of no toxic chemicals!- just a combination of expert skill, pure water, and bio-detergent. 


1. Spot Cleaning

When an order arrives at our cleaning facility our cleaners examine the order for any stains or marks. They then treat the stains or marks by spot cleaning with one of their non-toxic cleaning agents.

2. Washing 

Once stains are removed it is time to put the item(s) into our Lagoon advanced care washing machines. Unlike traditional washing machines, our machines can clean any item even the most delicate and cause no damage- The traditional dry cleaning process does not have this step. 

3. Dry and Hand Press

The order is then either put through one of our specialist drying machine or hung to dry (depending on the care label). Finally, our professional pressers hand press the order to ensure a perfect finish!


Traditional dry cleaners use a chemical known as PERC (perchloroethylene).
This chemical is a dominant solvent used in the industry, used by 85% of dry cleaners. However, PERC is also known as an environmental and health hazard; being banned in several countries and regions. PERC poses a serious risk to those who are exposed. People can become contaminated through ingestion, inhalation or skin contact: e.g., direct exposure to dry cleaned items that have been treated with PERC chemicals. Here at The Laundry Press, we are committed eco-citizens and as a result, the use of such chemicals is not an option for us!- We are 100% toxic-free!

A false misconception that people have about eco-cleaning is that it compromises on quality- This is not the case!  in fact, our cleaning systems have been proven to be just as effective on stains, odours, and marks with the added benefit of offering a gentler and toxic-free clean. 


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