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BuildingLink Ireland:Connecting Us to our Users

Updated: May 28, 2021

­BuildingLink Ireland provides property management solutions for a number of our residential laundry locker locations. Being one of BuildingLinks service partners has better allowed us here at The Laundry Press to communicate and connect with our residential users.

Among a variety of solutions offered by BuildingLink we have benefited from being integrated to their Resident Apps, connecting us to thousands of people across Dublin. Through this App we have been able to communicate our laundry service to residents in a number of our locations including Abbot Court, Charlotte, Clancy Quay, Capital Dock, Elmfield, Fairways, Mount Argus, Leona, Vantage, and Opus 6 Hanover Quay.

The App also allows for more engagement with users and a stronger level of communication. We have specific landing pages for each location which provides residents with a property branded experience. As a result, we can continuously update these pages with new promotions, offerings, and updates.

Our partnership with Building link Ireland

To learn more about BuildingLink’s property management solutions visit their website.

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