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Dry Cleaning Plastic Bags – Remove Or Keep Them On?

Is this a familiar scene to you? You bring home your freshly picked up, dry-cleaned garments neatly tucked away in the plastic bag you were given. You’ll need to remove the protective wrapping from your items, then please take a moment to consider what should be done with the remaining bag – throw it out or keep it for later use. In this post, we’ll discuss whether you should remove or keep dry cleaning plastic bags, so stay tuned for answers about potentially damaging side effects.

What Problems Can Occur if You Don’t Use a Plastic Bag?

If you don’t use plastic dry cleaning bags when sending off or collecting your dry-cleaned garments, several potential issues can occur. Without the bag’s protection, fabrics may snag on hangers or other items during transport, damaging your clothing. Additionally, your garments could rub against any surfaces they come into contact with, leading to discoloration or other damage.

Finally, moisture can build up and cause mold or mildew on your fabrics without the plastic bag’s breathability. This can be especially problematic if you don’t plan to wear the garment immediately, as it will have time to sit and fester.

Reusing Dry Cleaning Plastic Bags

If you choose to keep the plastic bag, there are a few tips to help ensure your garments remain in good condition for future trips to the dry cleaner.

  1. After removing your clothes, hang the bag away from direct sunlight.

  2. Ensure the plastic is completely dry before storing it with other garments. If necessary, lay it flat or in an airing cupboard until all moisture has gone.

  3. Check for any rips or tears that may have occurred during its first usage and, if found, replace the bag.

  4. If you reuse it more than once, consider using a cotton lining for added protection. This will prevent any abrasion between fabrics when multiple pieces of clothing are placed in the same dry-cleaning bag.

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