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Items That Require Professional Cleaning

Adding a new clothing item to your wardrobe is always exciting, but you must know how to clean, maintain, and prolong the piece's life. Do you need to hand wash, machine wash, or dry clean the item? Does it require hanging to drying? Remember, each fabric requires specific cleaning and treatment!

Many people believe professional cleaning is full of hassle and trouble. However, this is a misconception because professional cleaning is a lifesaver for various fabrics that could lose quality from regular hand/machine washing at home. It is an excellent way to clean clothes that can't withstand the rigors of a washing machine or dryer.

professional cleaning products

Although you can wash various clothing items at home, some specific fabrics require professional dry cleaning (or in our case wet cleaning) to prevent stretching/shrinking and preserve the fabrics' qualities. Besides, a reputable cleaning company can help eliminate the need for daunting and time-consuming handwashing. Here are a few items you should always take to an expert cleaners.

Leather and Suede

Because leather is natural, tough, and negatively reacts to washing machines, a professional cleaning service must care for the material. Carrying out the process as a DIY task requires a wide range of cleaning solutions, which may not work. Therefore, the informed decision is none other than taking your leather jacket to a reputable company. Remember, standard dry cleaning is not suitable for leather because it removes natural oils from the materials and requires replenishing them at the end of the cleaning process.

In addition to leather, suede is prone to damage from water, meaning handwashing or machine washing is not an appropriate cleaning method. The material requires proper cleaning for dirt, dust, and grime removal.

Rayon and Chiffon

Although Rayon is a semisynthetic fabric, it contains cellulose fibre with hydrophilic properties. In simple words, Rayon can absorb water causing the dyes to bleed, the fabric to lose its shape, or undergo shrinkage. Therefore, it is safe to take Rayon-based items to a professional cleaning company.

Likewise, chiffon is made from silk, Rayon, polyester, and nylon, making it vulnerable to shrinkage when exposed to hot water. So, it is always better to leave it in the hands of an expert.

Fur Coats

Fur coats, including fox stoles and mink coats, are highly vulnerable to handwashing. Fur is a delicate material and prone to dryness and brittleness. Washing a natural fur coat at home can permanently damage the fabric.

Here at The Laundry Press we offer quality and eco-friendly cleaning services. We knows how to remove oil, dirt, dust, and grime from your fur coat and add shine and lustre to the material. Our experts can keep your fur coat like new.

Dark Coloured Silks

While some silks are hand-washable and endure the process, darker-coloured ones can undergo damages, and have a higher tendency to lose colour and lustre. Even if the silk does not leave colour behind, it is wise to take it to the cleaners because washing it would change the fabric's texture and crispiness, making it appear dull and old.

Our cleaning experts at The Laundry Press use advanced and eco-friendly techniques to prevent loss of colour, textural changes, and shrinkage. We make sure you receive your items in a new-like condition. Our highly skilled staff have years of experience and ensure all embellishments on garments stay intact, adding years to the life to items. Contact us today for more information!

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