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How To Read Care Labels Correctly

Most people throw away their clothes because they have irreversible damage- this accounts for around 70% of all clothes which are thrown away. Most of the time damage is caused due to improper care causing colour fading, shrinking, and loose threads.

Why are care labels important?

Care label instructions are full of useful information that will help you to avoid any major problems. Following these instructions correctly assures you that your garments will maintain their fit and overall appearance. Becoming comfortable with this laundry lingo is essential to keep your garments looking fresh (and also save yourself some € in the long run).

Did you know that there is an international care labelling system in place? The International Association for Textile Care Labelling (GINETEX) is the global body that has governed care labels since 1975.

Garment care instructions

You should consider the care instructions of garments every time before you wash the item but also before your purchase the item! Will you be able to easily wash the garment yourself?

Aftercare is an essential element to consider when purchasing a new item. Understanding your care labels will help your garments last longer- so here is an important addition to print for the laundry room:

Download our full guide here:

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Mini guide summary

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