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Our Guide To Spring Cleaning

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Global pandemic, lockdown and nowhere to go in Dublin; there has never been a better time to do a Sprig clean! Here is our step-by-step guide for sorting out your home this Spring.

The laundry press's guide to spring cleaning


The first step is to declutter your home. Just before a good Spring clean is the best time to do this. Gather all your old, broken or otherwise unwanted items such as books, toys, and clothes.

Sort everything into piles for charity, recycling, or storage. Believe us you will feel great after this step!

2.Work from the Top Down

Always clean from ceiling to floor. Starting with lights, picture frames etc and finally hoovering and mopping the floors.

3.Curtains and blinds

Curtains and blinds are usually forgotten about in our usual weekly cleaning routines so now is the time to sort them out. Send your curtains into us for dry cleaning and your blind to a trusted and professional blind cleaner. Alternatively, you may dust and soak your blinds, but be sure not to stain or damage them.

4.Mattress and bedding

Remove all bedding and wash or send for cleaning. Use a fresh-smelling vacuum cleaner of your choice to hoover off the mattress and use a stain remover if needed to spot clean. Flip your mattress also if needed; it is recommended that this is done every 3 months or so.

6.Freshen up your rugs and carpets

To finish of your cleaning ensure that all your rugs and carpets are smelling great. Rugs and carpets can grab onto orders so be sure to clean them correctly. You may use a product such as Vanish to sprinkle and hoover off, then spot cleaning any remaining stains.

We know spring cleaning can be a tedious pain sometimes, but we assure you that you will feel amazing afterwards. View our price list to see how we can assist with your cleaning this spring.

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