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Revive Your Wardrobe With These Repairs & Alterations

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

One of the ways you can be more sustainable, save the environment and save your pockets is by caring for your clothing correctly. That is why here at The Laundry press Dublin we don’t only offer eco-cleaning, but also an array of high-quality repairs and alterations. Our repairs and alterations experts can revive almost any item. We can guarantee that your clothes will feel and look almost brand new after our team has got their hands on them!

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Our tailors can fix almost anything, no job is too big for them! with over 15 years experience dealing with all kinds of repairs, alterations and high-value items. Here is a basic list of our most requested repairs and alterations.

1.Zip repair

Instead of chucking your garments out when a zip breaks or stiffens, our team can fix your zip or replace it with a new one. We offer zip repairs and replacements for almost all items: jeans, jackets, skirts, dresses, trousers and bags.

2.Hem taking up

Hem taking up can make your bottoms look more fitted and sleek. Our team can take up the hem on almost all types of trousers for a more desirable look. We also offer curtain hem take ups!

3.Invisible mending

Invisible mening can be done on jeans, jumpers and jackets for repairing holes and tears. Invisible mending involved careful handwork to rebuild the fabric on the damaged garment.


Our team can shorten any item! pants, jackets and coats (bottom and sleeves), skirts and dresses. Our tailors will personalise each touch of your alteration to ensure your items fit perfectly.

Our repair and alteration service is high quality and personalised, delivered straight to your home or laundry locker. You can chat with our team directly, video chat us or send us pictures for a personalised quote and list of recommendations for your item(s).

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