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Shopping online? Here are our top 5 picks for you!

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Did you know that you can save money, stay stylish and still shop ethically, locally and sustainably? Here are our top 5 picks in Dublin for you!

Designer Exchange has Ireland's largest selection of high-quality, pre-loved, authentic designer handbags and accessories!.... and it’s located just off Grafton street! This gem can be found at 35 Exchequer street Dublin 2 they also have an impressive online store.

Designer Exchange has a great selection of pre-loved designer handbags: Chanel, Gucci, louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent.... they even have Hermes bags!

Buying pre-owned does not always mean a compromise on quality. Buying from brands like Designer Exchange will ensure you look fabulous and on trend without breaking the bank. Why not save your pockets while also saving the environment? Sustainable shopping does not always mean shopping low quality and Designer Exchange is a prime example of this! Not to mention they also offer payment plans on all of their items, what’s not to love!

Om Diva is a stylish boutique-style store that can be found on Dury Street Dublin 2, or you can shop on their online store/ Depop account. Om Diva have a range of items to offer, from vintage clothing to cutting edge items made by Irish designers! We are living for their unique and trendy pieces!

All of the items at Om diva are ethically sourced. We all know about the unethical sourcing that goes on behind fast fashion brands, but not at Om diva! Om diva has something for everyone, and you can guarantee nobody will have the same trendy outfit as you when you shop here!

Fresh cut is a sustainable clothing brand, manufacturing all of their items here in Ireland. Fresh cut offers a range of stylish, fresh and practical clothing items. Their store can be found at 21 Drury street Dublin 2. Alternativly they have a great online store that has something for everyone; women’s, men’s and children’s clothing!

Just like their t-shirts, Fresh cut has grown organically, they began as a small brand in 2015 selling at cow’s lane market in Dublin. Fresh cut recognised the need for an ethical and sustainable clothing brand in Dublin and they sure did hit the nail on the head! If you want to buy ethically and be more sustainable but just aren’t into pre-owned, Fresh cut is definitely the place for you!

Cobblers wardrobe also offers a range of pre-loved designer items. This store can be found at 4a Sandymount green Dublin 4, alternativly you can check out their online store. Cobblers wardrobe has a range of pre-loved, luxury items including shoes, coats, and handbags.

Cobblers wardrobe have something for every season and occasion. You can be guaranteed to find a unique and trendy designer piece here! We are living for their coats and jackets, perfect statement or practical pieces available for those chilly Autumn and Winter nights in Dublin.

Celtic tweed as per the name, is an Irish owned retailer offering a range of sleek items for both men and women. Their store can be found at 28 South Anne's lane D2, they also have an online store. Celtic tweed has an impressive range of suits, tweed coats and jackets, trousers and more.

All of the items at Celtic tweed are high quality and made with the greatest of care. Not all luxury brands have a bad name, Celtic tweed is a prime example of this, all of their items are made ethically and sustainably here in Ireland. Support local, supporting the environment!

Shopping ethically and sustainably has never been easier, and as per our top 5 picks it certainly does not mean a compromise on quality or style! save your pockets, save the environment, shop: pre-loved, high-quality and ethically.

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